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Integration with integromat and zapier

Please add an official Integration with integromat ( and zapier (

Now there is an old connection to zapier ( with only one trigger (new todo item) and there is no formal connection to integromat.

There is also an old feature request about adding more functionality to the zapier app with 19 votes:

In general we need to have any existing hook and API option available to be added as a trigger to integromat and zapier and also to get data from integromat and zapier in to WHMCS.

In the old feature request I mentioned before there are several examples for such a connection. But if needed I can add some more.



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Are you able to connect to Zapier. I'm unable to see locate the API key. (NOT identifier/Secret)
Hi John,
How are you?

The Idea in using integromat and zapier is to connect apps without the need to use code / API etc.
It's part of the No-code development idea.

As you can see there are many apps already available for integromat ( and zapier ( - I guess that most of these apps have action hook and API features - but still created a connection via integromat and zapier to allow no code connections between apps - So instead of learning lots of action hook and API features for each program I want to connect - I can use the relevant apps and connect them together.

You can see this short video:

Hi ram,
Thanks for your suggestion.
What need would creating these integrations with a third-party service fulfil that aren't already possible today via the action hook and API features currently available?