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Better Zapier Support

Anonymous shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

I notice that this is a way to connect WHMCS to other hosted/cloud systems using OneSaas:


But not yet with Zapier:


By the sounds of it, it doesn't appear that hard to do:


... and I'm assuming that you're very motivated to have your product as 'compatible' as many other systems as possible.

So if you guys could work with the Zapier guys to hook WHMCS to Zapier, that would be great.


Original Forum Request:http://forums.whmcs.com/showthread.php?63082-WHMCS-add-on-for-Zapier-pls

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I too would like to support this request as I'm sure many users here would love to get their customer data into one of the various CRM/Mailing systems and OneSass doesn't cover as many other API integrations when compared to zapier.


This should be called "Better Zapier Support" as todo items are useless.

Zapier should be able to sync WHMCS invoices to any other Zapier service.


This really ought to be done ASAP... Poor integration with zapier...


Better zapier integration would be amazing so once an order is placed in WHMCS we could then trigger actions and create automations.


Interesting that this is posted 5 years ago and there are only 4 comments.

Zapier is a connection that can't be missed these days.

I want to be able to send data to our e-mailmarketingprovider (ActiveCampaign), or any other app connected with Zapier, when someone buys a product/becomes a new customer.

The only Zapier connection is when a task is created which is almost useless because WHMCS isn't a task management system.

I want to be able to:

- Create a new contact in our e-mailmarketing system

- Add a tag

- Add someone to a list

- start an automation

- ect.

- send any data of a customer or invoice into other systems

Love to hear from you guys!


Any idea when this will go from "Under consideration" to "Under construction"?

Currently we forced to develop our own API to connect with ActiveCampaign, while ActiveCampaign is an highly integrated system.

Love to hear form you!


The current Zapier integration (To Do's only) is limited. It would be great to have orders pushed to accounting platforms using Zaps.


Current Zapier functionality was created back in 2013 and the lack of zap options show it!


version is pretty much useless as it not only fails to provide granular

triggers and actions but it doesn't even include basic functionality

like products. Here are the zaps that should be added:


  • create a new client
  • update client's data
  • update client's group
  • update ANY custom field


  • create new product
  • update a product
  • activate/add a product from the client's account
  • deactivate/delete a product from the client's account


  • IF client has active/inactive products
  • IF client has active/inactive addons
  • IF certain # of units purchased
  • IF certain coupon was used
  • IF marketing emails opt-in

As it is only developers can use HOOKS to create/trigger custom functionality, enhancing the Zapier integration (much like ANY SaaS product nowadays) it is crucial as it gives regular users the flexibility they need to integrate and enhance their automations as they please.