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I want to be able to edit my WHMCS Support Ticket Priorities.

  • ssoylu1996 shared this idea 11 years ago
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When a client opens a support ticket, they can choose Priority, High, Medium, Low. I want to add Urgent, Critical, etc.
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    Add priorities
    Is it possible to add other priorities ticket?This is especially useful for treating special cases


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This certainly would be a very helpful feature for sure and probably quite a simple make as most of it can be converted over from the ticket statuses.
Add this functionality and let us determine how to run our businesses rather than being forced into a canned product that seems to have no desire to add helpful enhancements for companies.
Our use case of this has to deal with internal routing and SLA metrics. Today we have 4 departments due to this not being implemented. Each department then is a priority (i.e. help desk p1, help desk p2, etc).

As certain tickets come in they are high, but then can DE-escalate to a low. Our issue we we have 4 priorities so the build-in system fails us.

This also makes it more difficult for our team to distingues what is important.
Having used WHMCS since its very early existence, I agree it's time the ticket priorities were given some attention. As others have said, they should be configurable just like the 'ticket statuses'. The main reason we want this is to allow 'critical' tickets to stand out. So the option to integrate an SMS alert for such tickets would be perfect.
I agree with the above, this is really a simple and very needed thing for whmcs. A status change is simply not enough.

the current Low to High priority is good, but in a customers mind their issue is always High, but from my experience most know that a Business Critical status is something where it directly affect their business and income or even have an (billable support required) so users could get their instant attention to smaller but in their mind high priority issues.

We are only 2 guys in my company, keeping an eye on support tickets and sometimes we simply dont have the time for instant replies, but since its not possible to really change the priority 80% of our tickets are set to High and just to take an example, the most resent one was a high ticket, from a user asking if we knew how he could insert an image on a website with a shadow back ground.
He needed this to finish his work, so for him it was important, but it was really not something we supported. But since it was high, i had to find a computer while out at a client, to check the ticket and see what was wrong.
Had this been a "Low impact" priority, i would have known right away that it could wait till later.

it may not seem like a big deal and it is possible to learn to live with low - high, but we use WHMCS cause it offers so many nice features that makes our job easier to manage. If we had a dedicated support staff, i could live with the low - high, cause someone would be able to change the priority right away. But without a staff for that, i have to act as if every high is a business critical ticket, until i have had a chance to read it and maybe investigate it further.

I must agree here, I think it would be of significant value to hosting providers alike to be able to edit and add additional ticket priorities. A common reason for this would be, mission critical attention. (Tickets that require immediate action or attention by department from the service provider).

I for one would be very excited if you would add this functionality. It would make our job a heck of allot easier when assisting customers with mission critical priorities, such as immediate action for a downed ervice, imediate action for a direct denial of service attack and the list goes on.

I am supporting this vote!

Thank you.
Nicholas T S.
Root Layer Technologies.
We desperately need this ability. Why has this not been addressed for 3 years now???
This needs to be put into the works. We need a way to edit 'Priorities' and this is a MUST for ALL companies and individuals that use WHMCS. We need this abilities to add them and some people want to remove them all together.

Please... for the sake of bettering WHMCS... let's get priority modification added to WHMCS.

How could this be denied. Priorities are the cornerstone to good support and are part of any standard support model.

Statuses are different from priorities. Please make this happen sooner than later.
Besides adding and/or customizing priorities it would be important to be able set a different default priority which also would be applied to every new ticket even to those incoming via email.
Usually setting the default prio at "Medium" does not make any sense since no client volunteerly would lower the prio of his ticket or even check the prio in most of the cases (they just open the ticket and don;t care about the rest). This means we are loosing one level of escalation and SLA.
Every ticket should have a "base level" "Low" and then escalationrules are being applied or the client purposely sets the prio higher to benefit from a higher SLA which then in turn can be charged for. One cannot charge for a SLA connected to prio "Medium" if the system sets this prio per default (client would deny he set the prio).
Setting the default level to "Low" even with only 3 prios (low, medium, high) would allow to apply (and charge for) 2 additional SLA-levels.

In a little more complex environment than simple webhosting priorities are an important tool to manage and charge for manpower (the meaning behind different SLA's).

A little more flexibility in the ticketsystem would enhance it's usefulness enormously. We would be even prepared to ask for a quote for the developement of such an enhancement (which would benefit many others).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Custom priorities would greatly enhance the ability for E-mail sorting and forwarding. For example, one could set Outlook to catch E-mails from the ticket system that are set to "Emergency" and then forward those on to either a support manager or in our case an E-mail to txt engine to that calls our on call tech for after hours emergencies.
As I stated 2 years ago:"Hi,The problem with the priority system - is that you can't sort or filter the tickets by priority... let's say that i want to see all the high priority tickets (red flags) - there is no way to do it...
The priority column should have a filter \ sort option"
The priority system have no effect on the ticket system. There should be a way to filter tickets by priority.
We are looking to gather some additional feedback in regards to this request. How would adding custom support ticket priorities solve a problem you have in your installation in detail? We don't group priorities as they stand today.

You can create custom statuses for tickets which enable you to customize the ticket system in different ways. You can find the documentation detailing this here:

You can add custom ticket statuses in the Setup>Support>Ticket Statuses admin page.
This would be good to have as well. This is a feature used with most every other helpdesk and in a growing company it allows us to better prioritize tickets internally.
We could use priority customization as well