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Whatsapp Client Notifications

  • bookandhost shared this idea 5 years ago
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Is it possible this way that a customer who registers the domain or a service gets an auto message in their Whatsapp and renewal notice also in the whatsapp.
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    Whatsapp feature adding
    Can we have a feature where a user can place a request from whatsapp and the update can come to his whatsapp, and the user renewal informations and registration information can be shared on his / her whatsapp number.


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please add it
We've been using whatsapp business for a long time. It would be interesting to incorporate it in whmcs.
I'm very interested! Please, consider
its really great if possible
as everyone know now days WhatsApp is very useful aap and everyone using it more than any other app
With only 41 votes I dont think WHMCS will even look at this , I love the idea and have voted in hope
I would be extremely interested in this how soon would this be ready?
I would be very intrested in this too
I am also intrested in this feature if i may not get this than i can make this . after a month maybe . as a module just like SMS service .
This would be a great feature for WHMCS and will help with the amount of overdue invoices etc.
Awesome Idea!
Now its 34. Seems interest is increasing. Hope WHMCS will implement in next release.
I fully agree with this feature.

Would save a lot of late paid invoices and missed notifications.
Please consider a choice of (safer) notification options: signal, wire, telegram, threema.
21 vote and 5 = 26

Please WHMCS, Add this feature. It would be really great feature. We will no longer need to depend on SMS system.

Plzzz... ;)
this would be a good feature for a module. maybe not directly in whmcs :)