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Whatsapp Client Notifications

  • bookandhost shared this idea 6 years ago
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Is it possible this way that a customer who registers the domain or a service gets an auto message in their Whatsapp and renewal notice also in the whatsapp.
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    Whatsapp feature adding
    Can we have a feature where a user can place a request from whatsapp and the update can come to his whatsapp, and the user renewal informations and registration information can be shared on his / her whatsapp number.


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is it not possible for whmcs to integrate something like
Here in Italy, strangely, people use WhatsApp so much more than the other messaging systems that some of them do not even know how to read an SMS. That said, even if I would love a native integration and actually use an external module to send SMS messages, WhatsApp seems a little difficult to include, because:

1. People can chat you back, so you would need to be able to answer them into WHMCS
2. There are template messages and session messages, and a 24 hours window for answers
3. People can send and receive multimedia messages like files, voice messages, images and so on, so that would need to be managed somehow
Sigh .. who in their right mind would down vote this one? /facepalm
Yes, I also believe telegram is the way to go with that. We already use it for admin notification.
due to the whatsapp policy being very complicated, you could also receive via SMS, invoices due, and some other notifications, SMS would only use whoever you want but it would be a good resource too.
Basically bring to the core of WHMCS
Telegram seems to have much more relaxed rules on API use:

Telegram might be a better option than WhatsApp, please will you look into it WHMCS Team.
Thanks for your requests and comments here.
Our team has been researching what we can do with WhatsApp and have come back with the following potential points of concern:
1. WhatsApp say they restrict the number of businesses that have access to the WhatsApp API (Reference:, and that access to the API is restricted to Medium and Large businesses only. What have your experiences been in relation to this?
2. Twilio may be an easier path for getting access, albeit Paid access with per message sending costs, however, Twilio states that use must adhere to the WhatsApp Commerce Policy. The WhatsApp Commerce Policy states that WhatsApp Messaging cannot be used by businesses that transact in the sale of, including renewals and upgrades, of digital content, digital subscriptions, or digital accounts (Reference: We believe that web hosting would fall under this category. What are your experiences related to this?
Thanks for your feedback!
Would be really helpful.
I also need this feature
really need this
Like alott of other feature requests that are awesome...just add this, go with the time and make whmcs stand out....whmcs is way to basic at this point...whatsapp is already used for many years by alott of people.
Im Really interested on this request, please make it possible :3
With Twilio it could be really easy :D
Very Interested to send notification like the below items

Invoice and servant
Overdue invoice
Invoice Paid
Invoice canceled
Request and be marked as fraud
Ticket and open
Ticket answered
Closed ticket
Suspension service
Service to reactivate
Login alert
Change password

Beside that can open ticket & reply via Whatsapp
nobody show this request! I followed for a year without changes!