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add custom client fields for sub-accounts too

  • Alfredo Figlia shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Admin Area

As written in subject, would be nice and with high business needs to add the custom client fields also for their sub-accounts... right now is available just for normal clients, but when a clients is adding a sub-client, those fields are not showing up ...
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    Custom fields for additional contacts
    Be able to have some additional custom fields even in user's custom contacts
    To add the possibilty for costum fileds in contacts.
    So, for example i can add title (like ceo , feo) for contact and know what their responsibliy and how am i talking to...
    Ability to add custom field to sub-accounts
    The idea is to add the possibility to add custom field to sub-account the same way we can add it to the main contact.In example, it could be useful to add a newsletter for technical sub-contact, or define if it's the secondary or third level person to contact incase of emergency, etc... It could add flexibility in the way of managing users of the same main account.


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We at Net Solution also want this feature because it is very useful for us. For .ro domain registration it is mandatory to provide the registration number and fiscal code of the company, so our resellers can’t buy domains for their clients.


see here:

looks like these feature request should be merged with a total of 89 votes.
I also want it)
+1 we need this.
Would it be so hard to add a few fields to the database and let WHMCS users use it? It's not like we are asking for some entirely new functionality here. :(
Hi Ram, we realized we had set the status of this case to Declined a while back, where we actually meant to set it to Currently Declined. We felt the Currently Declined status better reflects our thoughts on sub account management at this time - something that we are not going to work on right now, but may in the future. We felt that the Declined status could be perceived as something that we will never work on.
I got a notification that this feature request status was changed to Currently Declined
Can someone explain why?

9 months ago WHMCS Cole commented that this is a "great feature request" and wanted some clarification.
Some of us did our part and added some clarification - but suddenly after 9 months the status is changed without any word...

There is a big problem in the way WHMCS treat contacts and / or sub-accounts...You can see here:
There are lots and lots of feature requests and votes regarding this issue - please fix it.

I just got the notification that Cole has marked this as declined.
May I know why as this is an almost essential feature in a multi-account / sub-account system.
Please implement this, it is really important for our future service, at the moment only custom fields for clients are supported when we need the same fields on the contacts as well for sub user management via the API :D
Yes. Not only include custom fields but enable a validation hook for it also.
it should default to the same custom fields as the primary contact

I agree - you can see # 6 in the attachment of the new Contact tab I suggested here:
would be nice, if the fields can be accessed by the customer, too. like the "custom client fields"
so e.g. the customer sets some notes to the contact.
Hi Cole,
Thanks for your comment.

You asked about how a contact will know that a custom field exists, and that they need to fill it out?

First - please don't forget that this info can be used in the admin side - now I can add a custom field with the customer birthday (bummer that We can't add a custom field in date format - but o.k.) or a I.d. number (or any other custom field we want to add).

In the same company there are several other contacts that we deals with - let's say the first or mail account holder is the CEO, but we are working with the support manager, the developer and so on - all of them in the same company - now we don't have a way to add them as a sub-account and add the relevant information in the custom fields...

Second - at the client side - there should be a way for the sub account to login to the client area and update the relevant custom fields (the one we decided that he can update and / or change).

There is a big problem in the way WHMCS treat contacts and / or sub-accounts...You can see here:

Please take a look on the screen shots with all the relevant info and suggestions.

There are more then 160 votes regarding the problematic way that contacts and / or sub-account related to the main customer / account holder.

I think that you should rethink on the problem from the top - and see what can be done in general regarding this problem - not just adding custom fields to a sub-account.