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Setting Custom Fields as Required Field should also affect / be enforced on the tickets system

ramf shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration


When creating a Custom Fields in the department settings and setting them as Required Field and admin only - It should affect the tickets system so an admin will not be able to close \ answer a ticket without filling the required fields.

Now such a custom field set as required field is enforced on client's submitting a ticket via the client area - but not on the admin side - and I think it should be changed.



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I agree, I need something like this to force my techs to create an invoice and link the invoice number to the ticket for reference when trying to close a ticket. This way, this important step cannot be skipped.


Some 3rd party registar module have this feature, so i guess not to hard to implement this into core WHMCS.


Any news regarding this feature request?