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I want to be able to edit my WHMCS Support Ticket Priorities.

ssoylu1996 shared this idea 7 years ago
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When a client opens a support ticket, they can choose Priority, High, Medium, Low. I want to add Urgent, Critical, etc.

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We are looking to gather some additional feedback in regards to this request. How would adding custom support ticket priorities solve a problem you have in your installation in detail? We don't group priorities as they stand today.

You can create custom statuses for tickets which enable you to customize the ticket system in different ways. You can find the documentation detailing this here:


You can add custom ticket statuses in the Setup>Support>Ticket Statuses admin page.

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Our use case of this has to deal with internal routing and SLA metrics. Today we have 4 departments due to this not being implemented. Each department then is a priority (i.e. help desk p1, help desk p2, etc).

As certain tickets come in they are high, but then can DE-escalate to a low. Our issue we we have 4 priorities so the build-in system fails us.

This also makes it more difficult for our team to distingues what is important.


Add this functionality and let us determine how to run our businesses rather than being forced into a canned product that seems to have no desire to add helpful enhancements for companies.



This certainly would be a very helpful feature for sure and probably quite a simple make as most of it can be converted over from the ticket statuses.