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U2F as additional 2 Factor Authentication method

Cas Eliëns shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

It's great that 2FA is a feature in WHMCS. Unfortunately typing over codes is a pain (especially if you first need to find the correct code between the load of other codes I have).

I'd like to suggest an alternative 2FA method: U2F. This is a universal standard adopted by companies like Google, GitHub and Dropbox to provide a faster and more secure 2 factor login experience.

Here's an article explaining the difference between standard 2FA and U2F way better than I ever could: https://blog.flameeyes.eu/2014/10/why-is-u2f-better-than-otp

And on top of being safer, it also looks cool to have to press some shiny button and be magically logged in!

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Great idea!


Fantastic idea! Would love to see U2F authenotcation implementation.


Hello, this is an important feature, why is it not implemented yet?

Here people are asking for the same thing:



We need U2F FIDO and multiple Yubikeys support.