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U2F as additional 2 Factor Authentication method

It's great that 2FA is a feature in WHMCS. Unfortunately typing over codes is a pain (especially if you first need to find the correct code between the load of other codes I have).

I'd like to suggest an alternative 2FA method: U2F. This is a universal standard adopted by companies like Google, GitHub and Dropbox to provide a faster and more secure 2 factor login experience.

Here's an article explaining the difference between standard 2FA and U2F way better than I ever could:

And on top of being safer, it also looks cool to have to press some shiny button and be magically logged in!


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Hello, this is an important feature, why is it not implemented yet?

Here people are asking for the same thing:

We need U2F FIDO and multiple Yubikeys support.
Fantastic idea! Would love to see U2F authenotcation implementation.
Great idea!