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Multiple Billing Accounts using One Login

Rob Dokuchie shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

We desperately need to be able to use ONE login for multiple billing accounts.

I'd prefer a username and password login, after which the client could view each of their billing accounts.

We have multiple clients who have multiple businesses, but only want to use one email for correspondence. Changing WHMCS to utilize username/password instead of email/password would allow us to create seperate billing accounts under the same contact.

No sub accounts won't suffice, no forwarders are not a solution, and yes we do have more than one client who needs this.

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sorry but this needs to be a core functionality, not a custom program that only a select few get buy if they can afford it. look at the amount of votes? its important and should be done by whmcs.


I agree with John here - it's a feature that is long overdue. Multiple payment options against multiple products, with multiple billing profiles. ie, domainA.com and domainB.com bill against this card + address, hosting and domainC.com and domainD.com bill against a different card+address.

I just had to split another customer today into a 2nd account for his 2nd business - it happens ALL THE TIME.




I concur with John MacK. WHMCS should totally be the folks coding this for us. It's a stupid simple concept to develop, but WHMCS doesn't seem to want to stray from their "user email = user id" model... which is pretty silly in itself, in this day and age. This is totally my opinion, but it feels as though it's tried and true that the single point admin model just doesn't work.

My apologies for using GoDaddy as an example, but they are progressive in nature. I can administrate ANY client account via my 1 login, when assigned the proper rights.

Most of us are not mega companies who can dedicate someone on domain and hosting management and monitoring. I jumped on WHMCS to simplify my life, but as my clients grow so do their needs and my need.

Many of my clients are artist management groups, who manage their clients' everythings... but they do not want a different login account for each of their clients assets.

They have 1 WHM login to monitor and manage their clients' cPanel/hosting accounts... but they always ask why they receive so many different invoices, receipts, etc. They're not wrong in asking why it's so complicated... because it's not the case anywhere else in the professional world.

Unfortunately, *we're* the ones who end up looking unprofessional... simply because WHMCS has not taken a moment to think this one through. I mean, it makes total sense to me why it doesn't seem important to them. Other than this thread of comments, they most likely have next to ZERO clients who have purchased multiple services from them, for different applications. If they had first have experience with the difficulties that we have with their product, I'm certain that they'd fix it. ...I believe that is the root of our problem, and why there hasn't been a solution provided several years ago.

How many other feature requests have gone this long or received this many +1s, without being implemented?


And with regards to ModulesGarden building an extension...

$99 flat? I'd buy into that.

$99/yr? I'd pass.

Having to pay that much on a yearly basis makes me feel that WHMCS seriously needs to think about how badly they're screwing us over.

(Sorry folks... had to vent)


I totally agree that this should be a core function but after 6yr and over 300 votes for it still nothing from WHMCS. If they are not going to listen to their customers they start looking for other options, just like our customer may start looking at other providers that do what most other providers can already do.

For us the $99 more then pays for it self more then double just in our wasted time when we have to deal with customer with multiple accounts.

I know not everyone is going to be on board with the module and that's ok but I saw a need and filled the need. :)