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Mass delete inactive clients

IXAM-HOSTING LTD shared this idea 3 years ago
In Progress

You know the problem? You are a long running Hosting Company and after a while you also have alot of inactive clients to?

My idea would be a feature that allows you to basically "Clean-up" your database by deleting clients that have 0 active services with your company.

I really would appreciate your votes so maybe WHMCS does consider it.

I think this feature is helpful in a long run with WHMCS.

Thank you!

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+1 from me, Please WHMCS team add this ;)

It would be a really useful. Please add it in next update. Will immediately upgrade to latest once it will be added. I need to terminate lots of products.


Please add this to whmcs.


I'm really needing to delete old clients and leave the database cleaner.

Add this feature to us