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Major improvements to the calendar utility

ramf shared this idea 5 years ago
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I think that the current calendar utility is not as usable as a calendar should be,

I will list here few ideas for improvement that will make the calendar something we actually use.

I will try to create a separate feature request for each one (if I can't find a relevant one) - but this will stay as the overall post that will help others to see the full picture so to speak.

1. Each admin should have his own calendar - with the ability to share it between admins (with an option to see your own calendar + select who's calendar you want to see at the same display side by side).

2. There should be an option to schedule events /meetings / add a To-Do item / reminders and tasks - for your self and to invite others - not just admins (also get there approval or not). adding such an item should be directly from the calendar and from within a ticket (lets say a reminder to call a customer at a specific time). everything should be on a minutes basis (now there is no way to schedule a time for a To-Do item - just a date - this is a problem).

3.There should be notification and reminders option for each event (Email notification and a popup message)

4.There should be an option to search info within the calendar.

5. There should be a way to drill down (also here) in the calendar widget - lets say we see in the widget that there is a To-Do Items Due today - there should be a way to click it and to see the list of the To-Do Items Due etc.

6. Add to the widget information from the project management addon (now when adding a new Project Tasks - you can see it in the calendar - bit not in the widget.

7. Have the ability to sync the calendar two-ways with CalDAV / gmail calendar - includes sync to a mobile device (i.e. have the ability to see, create etc. your calendar from your iphone).

8.There should be a way to add more free fields that can add more info to an event \ meeting etc (such as address of a meeting etc).

9.There should be a way to connect tickets to a to-do item / events /meetings etc. so one can create such an Item from within the ticket (see #2 above) and to open a to-do item / events /meetings etc and from there to access the ticket.

What else do you think should be added to the calendar utility?



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# 1 is here

#2 is here

# 3 is here

# 4 is here

# 5 is here and also here.

# 6 is here

#7 is here and also here.

# 8 is here

# 9 is here


I like the ideas here I would just add Office365 sync as many users are going to this.


Yes agreed the calendar needs enhancing..... but have to admit syn with google calendar surely covers most of these @ramf ?


Totally agree, current calendar is just a junk utility for now, useless

Once an event is set, it should display on calendar at least title of event, for now, this is just a colored box