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List retired products in product/service dropdown when searching/filtering Product/Services

Shaun Reitan shared this idea 1 year ago

When a product is set to retired you can no longer select that product from the dropdown when searching for services in the admin area.

* Login to admin area

* Click "Clients" dropdown, then "Products/Services"

* Click "Search/Filter" tab

* Try and find the retired product in the "Product/Service" dropdown

* You will not find it.

Even though a product may be retired it should still be searchable.

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Hi Sean,

Thanks for your request. Hiding the product from the dropdown is the intention of the retire product feature.

If you wish to keep the products in this list but not visible for order by new customers, I'd suggest hiding it instead.


Hi John,

I understand what you're saying but there are a couple problems with that.

1. We are unable to search for any existing/legacy customers using a retired product.

2. Setting a product to hidden just removes the product from being visible on the order form. It does not prevent someone from ordering it. They can still use the direct link to order that product.

3. Finding hidden products isnt hard since WHMCS by default installs feed/productsinfo.php which is very easy to loop through


for i in `seq 1 1000`; do curl "https://whmcs.url/feeds/productsinfo.php?pid=$i&get=name;done

This makes it extremely easy for someone to find and order a hidden product.

Yes I know we can remove feeds manually.


Hi Shaun,

To prevent customers ordering products using the direct link, enable the stock control option,and set the stock level to 0.