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Add API for domain pricing updates

Michael shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I would like to see new API functions to be able to update domain pricing for new registrations and for existing domains.

Basically it should be possible to

  • Update registration pricing
  • Update renewal pricing
  • Update transfer pricing
  • Update already registered Domains with new renewal pricing

I know it´s not very complex to do that with mysql queries, but then I need to monitor future changes of WHMCS, database schema and so on very carefully. I would like to be able to do that by API calls and let WHMCS do the internal checkings.

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Is this something you do a lot? Usually an API is for something you do all the time or very frequently. For example execute at least once a day. Are you really updating prices for your customers every day? If not, the mass module that updates pricing should be a better option. I would rather see that improved and let you massively change and update pricing for a lot of TLD's instead of having to execute an API request for every single TLD which would be a pain in the butt unless the API you propose includes changing all of them at once.


YES -- I need that because my currency is fluctuating so much I need to update the prices WEEKLY!


Yes please!