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Visa Mastercard Stored Credential Transaction framework compliance

Please add features to help adhere to new Visa and Mastercard Stored Credential Transaction framework.

We need to implement a check box/pop up system for capturing cardholder consent. The new rules require the affirmative consent of cardholders and the terms have to be presented to the cardholder separate from the Terms of Use/Terms & Conditions on the site generally. We need to have these businesses call out these cardholder terms specifically and capture a checked box or “I understand/agree” from each cardholder. We have to keep a record of that consent for as long as they are a customer.

The information must be clearly displayed at the time the cardholder gives consent, and when capturing a stored credential for the first time, we need to establish an agreement with the cardholder. This is where the checkbox or I accept button come in. We need to present the cardholder with:
  • Truncated card number
    How cardholders are notified of changes to the agreement
    How the stored credentials will be used
    If the agreement expires – and if so, when it does
    If the transaction is recurring, the fixed dates or intervals on which the card will be processed

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