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Validate license against Users of the customer

  • Jeroen Ticheler shared this idea 2 years ago
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We would like to have the Licenser Add on validate a license against existing Users for the customer (the licensee would validate against the licenser, providing a username (or email). That username should exist in the Client User panel.
Is that something you would consider adding to the licenser module in a similar manner that you check for Domains, IP and Path?
Kind regards,


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Hi Jeroen,
Thanks for your suggestion.

Can you please help us understand your goal with this feature idea? Eg. Would users of your software enter their email address in place of a license key?
If so, what would be the benefit to you of that arrangement?
Hi John,
They would fill out both a license key and email address. The Licencer would check the key and also if the user email occurs in the Client Users list (or is it Contacts?! That part still confuses me and I can verify if you want me to).
Thanks! Jeroen