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Create Administrator Role to view First Payment and Recurring Amounts

A user (a 3rd party tech) with a specific set of permissions to only be able to manage hosting and domain for a client can see pricing information of that client's services.

They can see the pricing in the "Products & Services" page, as well as in the Product details page, as the very bottom of the page (the HTML DIV's ID is cPanelBillingOverviewPanel)

== Steps to Reproduce ==
Permissions for that tech users are
- View Products & Services
- Allow Single Signon
- View Domains
- View & Open Support Tickets

The user can see pricing on the clientarea.php?action=services page. Or via any product details page that this user can see on clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id=PRODUCTID

== Expected Result ==
I feel the tech shouldn't be made aware of the price his client pay, EXCEPT if the admin gave him the "View & Pay Invoices" authorization.

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