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Update Users when changing Client Account details

  • 123Host shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a User who is the Owner of a single Client Account, I would like to present the option when changing the Client's Account's details to also apply those changes to the User details.
For example changing the email address on the account could present an option "would you also like to update the user address" or pop a warning "this isn't going to behave the way you expect, you need to update your email address in 2 places despite you being the only user who is also the owner".

For Client Account with a single User who is the owner, it would save time and potentially confusion for accounts belonging to one individual.


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Hi there,
The introduction of Users, separates the Billable entity from the individual who is logging in to perform actions on the account. As a result the email address of the human actor (User) may change, but it would not always be correct to assume that the billable entity (Client Account) contact details should also change.
In WHMCS v7, changing the sub-account's email address would not change the Client's Accounts email address.

If you'd like to update the Client Account's email address whenever the User is updated, I'd suggest creating an Action Hook, which can use the API to make the edit to the Client Account record:
Then trigger it whenever a User is edited:

For more information on the API and Action Hooks, please refer to
Hi John,

I second his request, the reason for it is that we're not talking about updating the "sub-account" when changing "client account", we're considering that the MASTER account that is originally associated with the account you register with WHMCS it generates a Client account and User account with the same email this is the MASTER KEY, I agree that let say I am changing the Client account for the master, it would popup with something like "Would you like this email associated with the Master user as well" and a simple "Yes / No" option, this way we don't have to update both USERS master and CLIENT original from A to B when a client needs it to be changed.

The hook idea is also nice but why not just implement it, fairly easily, anyway this got my vote.