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Add more granular permissions and appearance configuration options for To-Do List widget.

This feature helps a lot of people including me kindly add this feature in ToDO List

I have 4 support staff & I want to add list of ToDos to each support staff but the issue is, all todo list of support staff + admin tasks showing to all support staff.

this will be like only Admin can assign task to each support staff which is in todo list & only assigned task & completed task will show to support staff only instead of all support staff in toDo list.

This will be plus point time saving also as well If we import & export TODO list & assign task to support staff via excel or google sheet.

Date,name, assign, status, completed_date

Thanks :)
WHMCS Team Clarification:
Add a configurable option to change the to-do list widget's behaviour such that the only items that are listed for an admin are those that are assigned to them.
Additionally, add further granular permissions to make it so that only certain users can create / assign to-do list items.

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