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Tickets - An Overhaul or at least some fresh ideas.

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We use WHMCS as our main dashboard for issue tracking for both our web hosting and network support business. As such, our needs may exceed the design of the platform and intended use cases. I am basing my ideas on other products we have tested and reviewed, mainly Zen Desk, HelpDesk Pilot, Kayako, and a few others.

Below are the items I would like to propose based on past support issues and ongoing feedback we get from clients about the way we work.

Assign tickets to staff. We do often flag issues so we know who is working on a ticket. But, we think it would be smarter to have an admin take ownership of a ticket, then pass it off or release it back when no longer able to assist. Kayako does something similar where a ticket but be claimed before you can start working on it. I imagine an OPEN - Unassigned Status would be appropriate.

Default view, tickets assigned to an admin. Show me what I need to be working on then what is OPEN and UNASSIGNED.

Better SLA management. Let me define several service metrics that can help drive tickets to completion. Open for more than 4 hours with no response should be flagged, highlighted, or POP off the screen, etc.

Better grouping of Contacts to Clients. Let me create smart rules like. anything gets assigned to client XYZ. Since we support networks, anyone from the company could be calling or emailing in with an issue.

Better form control. We have started using FormStack to process our ticket requests and then route via email. the WHMCS ticket form submissions are just not smart enough to help us route issues to various departments. I can shed more light on this if needed, but basically we wanted our subject lines to be as smart as possible. Helping our clients craft better tickets though automation helps us do a better job.

Let me create custom views of tickets. Ajax or HTML5 ticket layout? Along with this is drag and drop active tickets to status sections. Move a few tickets to mine to assign to me, then drag one to delayed or scheduled.

Huge pet peeve of mine. User 2 at Company XYZ send in a ticket, but User 2 is not the profile contact. In the main ticket view we only see that User 1 at Company XYZ opened a ticket. I would like to see the actual user who sent the ticket in its own column. Company in its own column. Let me sort by any table header.

Let a client add a cc or bcc when opening a new ticket. Often, the client issue affects several people and they want to open a ticket and include all the parties. Allow admins to open a ticket and select multiple contacts as well, instead of a single contact and then the cc field.

Help us crate smarter rules for clients who are incapable of figuring out how tickets work. Since we use the FormStack form to submit new issues, we have to allow piping of email in to the system. Certain clients will FW or RE a ticket and then it opens another ticket, which then as to be merged, etc.

Ticket Timers, We purchased an addon for this, its AWESOME. Include something by default to help us with issues that we need to delay and come back to. Could be because we have to work with a 3rd party or the client is scheduling for later etc. Help us keep the active tickets down so we can focus on what needs a resolution.

Tie tickets, to do, and the PM system together. I would love to be able to add a to do to someone else on my team, and have them see that and know action is required.

Show me on the active ticket screen how many replies, notes, etc there are. Let me know if there are unread notes and replies by bolding the entry or something similar. We constantly have a problem of adding a private ticket note, then the person it was intended for has no idea they are supposed to look at it.

Thats all for now. If other members can add or comment on this that would be great. Anything we can do to make our WHMCS smarter for us so we can do a better job for or clients. Thanks again and thanks for working so hard year after year on improving the product like you have.