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Sync client email from WHMCS with hosting accounts

We have a lot of clients that don't understand that email can be set in WHMCS for some administrative notifications and in hosting account for some other technical notifications. Most clients never updated their email in hosting account and they beleive that changing email only in WHMCS is enough. Now we have a lot of hosting accounts with obsolete and even non existant email addresses, and lot of important notifications from servers are sent to invalid emails.

I would suggest to add optional feature (checkbox) on client and admin side right under the client email field, on client details page - "Update email address at all hosting accounts and other applicable services" or something similar (checked by default), so that staff or clients can be able to easily update email on all applicable services when changing email in WHMCS.


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To accomplish this with all server modules is a huge undertaking to say the least. In addition, each server provider would need to support this functionality on their end via an API or a different method. The question with this request is where do we stop when adding this functionality to individual server modules? Individual feature requests that have us adding this functionality to popular server modules may get more traction as they would be more tightly scoped.
+1 very, very important feature.
Yes, this is very, very important feature. I hope WHMCS will soon realise that.
I just added this as a NEW request a couple days ago, shocked this was added over a year ago, and still open? This is a big deal to contacts on our customers, over quota emails, etc, all go from cPanel/WHM, not WHMCS, if the customer does not update his/her cPanel contact email, it will end up in our huge bounce list, and then the phone starts ringing, "why is my website down?" and they really don't understand why this is their resposiblity to change, since they already updated it in the client center.......
Same problem. Excellent suggestion.