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Support Hours built-in in WHMCS

  • Daniel Martin shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Support

Being WHMCS a support tool with built-in ticketing functionality, it should have "support hours" built-in.
That is, allow us to define "support hours" or timetables. For example, my working hours are from 8am to 14pm and 16pm to 18pm.
I'd like that when a customer sends a ticket (or an email processed by email import feature) when the business is closed, that he receives a ticket response where I can say something like "We're opened from 8-14h and 16-18h". But when the customer opens a ticket in opening times, I don't want that message to be seen/received.
I've seen your doc with instructions to achieve something similar ( but it's not easy and it should be built-in.


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Agreed. Seems like a basic function of any ticketing system.
Any update on this?