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Subject drop downs with primary and secondary options

Our team deals with a wide range of issues, instead of having many departments, we have a single help desk as the team works together to solve issues. We used to have many departments and found it cumbersome.

One chief complaint from our techs is that they have to manually figure out the subjects, we like to have a uniform ticket model and have a list of approved ticket topics to choose from. A few examples being, Hardware, Software, Network, etc

Something we have seen with other tools is the ability to define categories and related sub-categories. So that if I choose Software, then only those sub-items we relate to the main category would present.

Techs would then simply need to choose the two options and then fill in a quick subject allowing uniform ticketing with less manual work.

Happy to expand on this one further having just looked at AutoTask PSA and seeing how much time a feature like that can save our team.

A sub-feature to this would be the ability to report on these groups by client if needed. So we could sort out where our team spends most of their time.

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