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Storage Settings - URL Rewrite - External Storage - Datastore/CDN

We are looking for options to add simple URL rewrites.

We already have mechanisms to move files to our datastores/CDNs.

We don't want any specific integration from WHMCS, just the option to save paths/URI of our stores and let us deal with sync.

Essentially we want to have the option to move the files to external storage in the background and just have WHMCS rewrite the URL on the frontend to our CDN.

This solution removed the burden of WHMCS from having to integrate with multiple APIs and relies on the user to set up his own sync.

Currently, we have the option to change the Local Directory, i suggest we add an option to select the URI re-write we want.
Allowing for subdomains of course.


Select and Set a path to multiple directories used for Downloads/Attachments/Projects
Sync the paths using pre-existing methods
Select and Set the URL in WHMCS to access the files.

This can be solved in theory using mod_rewrite in a custom manner.

I think this compromise is a solid solution until WHMCS officially supports other datastores (OpenStack Swift,Rackspace,Google Drive, etc)

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