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Staff Member Signature on Non-Ticket Emails


We have some email notification that we send to customers routinely that notify domain and website owners that we have just completed some security checks on their website and all is running fine.
Different team members do these checks and we want the notification to come from them with their personal signature (making it more personal as our team members manage their accounts). We would like the notifications to be more personal. So that when they have checked the website they can go to their clients domain and select the domain email notification to send them. The clients know the team member by name as they are account managers for different clients.
So we created an email template that we can send from the customers domain tab as the notification is relevant to their specific domain and website.
Dear {$client_first_name},
Bla Bla Bla

Currently all we can use from the WHMCS system is
{$signature} shortcode

But this adds the default company signature (no personal name or direct phone number information)
Can this shotcode be added to the WHMCS system so that we can have emails come from specific team members with their individual signature. This is better for customer relationship management.
I think this would be a great benefit to the next release of WHMCS to make communication more personal.


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