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Slack notifications to include message body

  • Team ATECH shared this idea 6 years ago
  • Integrations

You need to update the slack notification to optionally include the message body, so you can see what the ticket is about without another click. Example attached.

We have implemented this functionality via our own slack hook in previous WHMCS versions, but now 7.4 supports notifications this is an obvious improvement to make.

You should also be able to limit message body.


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We really just need one more merge field and then can use this for SLACK or the EMAIL notifications table for easier and more robust reporting.

The default implementation leaves something to be desired. Simply alerting my staff that something happened is not nearly has helpful as telling them what. We use the Legacy Slack Addon to accomplish this presently, but are moving to MS Teams.

By adding the merge field for the message body or content we can accomlish this task easily.
Thanks for the suggestion. The NotificationPreSend action hook point can be used to manipulate the notification message.