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Show summary statistics on every page header

  • Anthony Smith shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Admin Area

For me as an admin I find it very useful to have access to the at-a-glance statistics on every admin page: Pending Orders | Overdue Invoices | Ticket(s) Awaiting Reply

Removing something from the product actively used constantly by your customer base is a retrograde step, I understand if it becomes optional but removing it all together is inconvenient to me.


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Really annoyed when these were removed without notice, as these were constantly used by our staff. Now the info can only be seen from the main page.

This is resulting in things being missed/forgotten about, such as checking over unpaid invoices or any orders that come in waiting longer than normal to be screened.

Features that get removed should be voted on first, to find out if people use them and want them to stay.
This needs to be added back into whmcs.
It makes life a lot easier for our techs to manage.
Could be achieved with 3 simple icons and numbers next to each, wont take up much space.