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Show client time differential in ticket replies

  • Websavers shared this idea 11 months ago
  • Support
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When interacting with a client via support tickets, it can be super handy to know what time it is where they currently are located.

Therefore it would be nice to have in the admin area view when a client replies, it shows not only the time of their reply but also what time it likely is where they are and the hours differential.


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Hi there,
Thanks for taking the time to submit this idea.

PHP or HTTP does not have a way to determine a visitor's timezone. A visitor's timezone could potentially be inferred from their IP address (wouldn't work for messages imported from emails) or from the country on the Client Account Profile.

Would either of those potentially meet the needs of this request?
That would do the trick - perhaps it could indicate that the time zone is estimated and provide the source in small text underneath it or as a tooltip.

Messages imported from emails could use the timezone embedded in the headers from the original connection to the first mail server, then use the IP address for ticket updates via Client Area. I suppose if, for some reason, neither option is available, it could then fall back to the client account profile location.