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setting ticket in progress should send a note to other staff members who have it opened, too

  • serverprofis shared this idea 7 years ago
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If a staff member sets a ticket on "in progress" all other staff members who have opened the ticket, too, should get a short note, that the status has changed.

We have often the situation, that we work on a ticket with several persons, all have set the ticket on "in progress" but noone get a message about it, this could save much time, because only one staff member is working on it. You see it first, if you click on "answer the ticket" with an status message that the ticket has been altered. after a reload you see, that another staff member has answered already...

The blue status message "<staffmember> is viewing the ticket" does not work, because often our staff members read the ticket only, but didnt answer it yet, in search of a more important ticket.

would be a huge time saver.


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i know the Ticket Watchers, but this isnt that what we need.
Ticket_Watchers is for watching tickets and how they are going on. This is not what i mean.
The point is, that we have after a couple of time some tickets on "open" or "awaiting reply". So the first staff member is looking into the first ticket, read it and after a minute or more reading, he decided to solve/answer it. So he sets the ticket on "in progress", but didnt realize, that another staff member has already set it on "in progress", and so two staff members are working on the same ticket, without knowing each other. Sorry for my bad english.
It sounds like the functionality you are asking for already exists with the notion of Ticket Watchers. You can read more about ticket watching here:
it should help too, when i set on "in progress" and it is already on "it progress" that i will get a message/notice.