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server config page should have a link to show all accounts assigned to the server

while recently trying to remove a server that was being decommissioned, we could not find the customer that WHMCS believed to be assigned to the server.

In the end, we had to perform a sql query against the database to determine which account was still left on the server - it was an account that was cancelled/terminated, but as it still shows on the server - despite showing 0% usage, it prevented server removal.

I would suggest a list of assigned accounts be accessible in the servers list view - perhaps expand the server usage to include assigned / active / out of total allowed.

Make this count of usage section a link to customer plans assigned to the server - I'd further suggest that the list be in sections based on status.

One past piece - make the accounts able to be selected with a checkbox and actions such as email owner etc , terminate, cancel etc - so that mass communications or cancellation can be done on a server basis in a few clicks.


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if you already have this data, making it a link in the server stats page should be a snap - so that when I navigate from Products/Services > Servers, a single click yields this report
Hi there,
Thanks for this suggestion. To view this data please use these steps:
  • Navigate to Clients > Products/Services
  • Click the "Search/Filter" tab and select the server in question
  • Toggle the "Hide Inactive Clients" option for good measure
  • This will show the services assigned to the selected server

In v7.8 we're also adding a new server sync tool which should make auditing accounts easier. Keep an eye on in future for more information on that.