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Selecting Server Location

  • CrossFire-Hosting, LLC shared this idea 11 years ago
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Ok i was wondering about if in the server area add a third category called location. With this we can create one group of products and give the clients the ability to select Example USA Location or Europe Location. Versus we set up double the products that are the same. So with the location area we can put Europe or USA and assign servers to Location and when the client checks out selects what location they want there product to be set up at automatically when they complete checkout and pay, such as cPanel webhosting or centova cast stream etc for the products.

I think all host provider that has server all over the world in more then one location would benefit from this to save us host time in setting up products and to minimize our product list menu in the client area side when trying to find product.

I know i have over 1000 products set up and with this it would cut it down to 500 easy. Plus if there was only 500 instead of 1000 products it would save about 400 hours a year updating product prices etc.

Let me know


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This is really needed from WHMCS and not a 3rd party.
We need it!
I would like a feature like that too.. I really never trust third party plugins and they are so many.. really confusing..
a system wide setup of this is definately needed as the different 3rd party setups are confusing
We. Need. This.
This would be a very welcome feature I think to many of your users. As Hendra Setiawan stated yes their are 3rd party solutions to the feature but with every new version of WHMCS it risks not working until an update for the module / hook is updated. Plus if WHMCS implimented this their would be deeper integration between WHMCS the software and the feature itself.
Hi whmcs staff, third party not guarantee work with latest version, good news if whmcs to do this
Thank you for the feature request submission.

This is already offered by a number of custom and third party modules - as others have mentioned it can also be achieved quite easily through hooks. If we see more votes asking for official support, we’ll certainly consider implementing this, but at this time we aren’t acting on it.
agreed. this feature is a must have feature
+1 for this one
select server location
select php vesion
select hosting panel
all should be based on hidden product selection with some "visible parent"

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Star Network.

This is already obtainable, and there is already a feature request for this:

Please ensure you're searching established requests before creating a new one.
A single request with a lot of votes has more power than a bunch of individual requests for the same thing with little votes.
You can already do this but cannot automate it. You could automate if you created your own hooks because there are hook points for the provisioning modules.

You can also set up your servers into location based groups, This way client orders servers in whatever locations you offer and the correct server group is used to provision in those locations.

"i could save 400 hours a year" if its taking you 800 hours to update as you have things now then you're doing something wrong. Consider creating a custom module to bulk update your prices, i am assuming you would be doing percentage changes and if so you could do this in a matter of minutes with a very simple php script.

You only update your default currency manually (or with a script), then head into currencies and click the link to update your other currencies.
The system as it is can do this exceptionally easily.
This is very easy to configure via the current system. Your over thinking it.
I think the best way for this option is "Better configuration options" on order page.