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Sales representative / Account Manager

  • Juan Baixauli shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Clients

It would be nice to have the ability to assign an account manager or sales representative for a customer. This account manager would be a whmcs admin, and we could have a report with the quotes or orders created by each admin in a certain time period.


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So much interested about this feature.
Definitely it needs to be invoice related, because each client can’t have multiple account managers or different persons selling different things.
I mean, not every order by one customer will be assigned to the sales representative for this customer. The customer must have a sales representative (can be done with a custom field as you suggest) but the orders and quotes can be done by other sales representative, so it would be a good point to know wich person is selling what.
Hi Juan,
Thanks for this suggestion.

In the meantime, you could use Custom Client Fields to create an field to to this:
Then it would be a case of customising the reports to break down the statistics you require based on this value:
but this only solves the question to assign a sales representative to a customer, but it doesn't solve the question to know wich orders or quotes has been done by a this sales person