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Revenue report // Report of what I've invoiced (all/ by month/etc.)

  • Brent Kobayashi shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Reporting

Hi all,

WHMCS is missing one significant report (IMO), what has been invoiced in a month. In other words a revenue report.

Let me explain:
- There is an "income report", which gives a report of cashflow (including tax). For most accounting revenue is what you've invoiced, not what you've collected in a month)
- There is an all "invoices" report. However, this includes "mass pay" invoices. A mass pay invoice isn't really an invoice (from a business perspective), it is a payment. It's only an "invoice" from a systems perspective (how mass pay was implemented specifically on WHMCS).

So, I'd like a report that tells me what I've invoiced.
Or, an enhancement to the "invoice" report that indicates if an invoice is a mass-pay invoice.

Without this, WHMCS does not seem capable of giving a report of revenue.


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Thanks - works very well.
Hi Zaid

Place the report file in modules/reports folder of your WHMCS installation

Hi Brent,

Thanks, your invoice report, where does one have to load/upload the php file to? which directory in my whmcs instance to make it work.


Hi Brent,

We have some free reports available that might be of interest to you. The Invoice Report might be what you are looking for.
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.
In the meantime all the reports are open-source so can be customised to meet your requirements with a bit of PHP knowledge. For example you could filter out the invoices with an tblinvoiceitems.type of "AddFunds".
For guidance on customising reports, check out: