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retrieve free domain list from API GetProducts

  • Irvan Maulana shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Developers
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the goal is to find out the list of domains that will be free when choosing a particular product


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Hi Ivanm,
Thanks for sharing this idea. Can you please help us understand the need here?

For example, are you looking to combine an existing API command into GetProducts (such as DomainWhois) or add some new functionality not currently offered?
How are you defining a "Free" domain? Ie, Is this one with a TLD cost of 0.00, where no matching value is found in the service or domain Domain field, or something else?
I have the same question. I tried to clarify the question.
Since we have whmcs api get product there is some useful information. But we can't find any information that the product has free domain or not, see admin panel mentions that we can assign free domain to certain products (.com, .id,, etc). Thank's in advance