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Reply is being written (in real time)


So I notice that when I enter a ticket and one of my colleagues is writing a reply you will receive a blue balloon on top saying "Staff started writing a reply to the ticket @ x hours". This is all good if this was in real time because the way it is now it does not work if two people enter the ticket at around the same time and neither starts writing a reply such as

Staff 1 enters *starts reading the ticket*
Staff 2 enters *starts reading and Staff 1 has not written anything yet*

Staff 1 then starts writing, and Staff 2 starts writing a minute behind, no alert, Staff 2 there spends maybe good 10 minutes writing a very thorough reply to a ticket that is long and has many questions and requires detailed response. All the while he has no idea Staff 1 is writing anything.

What would be very useful is if the moment Staff 2 starts writing it will be alerted "Staff 1 is writing a reply as we speak", this way you can save valuable time from writing a big reply then hit enter and get "Status of the ticket changed while you were in it".

Just a thought :)

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