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Remove the Payment Reminder Email settings from the Automation Settings -> Billing Settings since it's suplicated

There is a duplicate settings in the Automation Settings -> Billing Settings

as you can see there is this settings:

Payment Reminder Email - Check to activate invoice payment reminder emails

And also this one:

Invoice Unpaid Reminder [XXX] - Enter the number of days before the invoice due date you would like to send a reminder (0 to disable)

So removing the checkmark from the fist setting do the same as setting the number of days to 0 in the second setting.
As far as I can see it the first setting / checkmark is redundant and confusing and I think you should remove it.

If someone doesn't want to send the Invoice Unpaid Reminders he can set it to 0 and that will do the trick.

This is not really a feature request - but this is what the support ask me to do.

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