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Registrar TLD Sync to support different list of terms

Hi there,

the Domain Pricing configuration in WHMCS allows for configuring

* different prices & terms for registration
* different prices & terms for renewal
* different prices & terms for transfer

The Registrar TLD Sync again, is by design only allowing for importing a list of supported years/terms, the 1Y registration & renewal price where the first term returned is the supported transfer term.
All other registration & renewal prices are finally calculated by multiplying the 1Y price with the related term.

The domain industry and its registry provider cover it differently!:
* separate list of supported registration periods
* separate list of supported renewal periods
* separate list of supported transfer periods
All these lists may completely match, but don't have to.

If a registrar is offering a TLD only with a 2Y registration term and a 1Y renewal term, we have a problem! Please make WHMCS more flexible.

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