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Registrar TLD and Pricing Sync - show no longer offerable TLDs

Even in case of a scenario where multiple registrars are used, the Registrar TLD & Pricing Import happens on per registrar base. So, loading the TLD data over the registrar module will always lead to get all offerable TLDs returned. So at that point WHMCS could compare the list of all returned TLDs with the list of all existing TLDs of exactly that registrar. At least showing the diff (TLDs that are not returned) in the Registrar TLD & Pricing Sync would be possible without being disastrous for anyone. Even if the Registrar TLD & Pricing Sync does not care about the removal, it would be so helpful for anyone to just get these cases shown up just for information purpose.

Otherwise it is impossible for a reseller to identify TLDs in a list of probably over 800 TLDs that are no longer supported by a registrar.

I guess, that this idea is something transparent and not coming with negative impact, but with huge benefits for resellers.


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Hi John,

you are probably right that discontinuation should not be a regular process, but still it could happen. So, I would say this is a corner case.

A lot bigger problem is the difference of the test environment (OT&E) and the real world environment in our API as not every registry provider supports an OT&E environment. Not all customers / resellers use two instances of WHMCS - one for the OT&E environment and one for the production / real world environment. When switching the environment, it also runs into such differences related to TLD Lists. Still, yes - I fully agree that switching the environment should not happen in an existing setup, but customers are doing that. Just to clarify: this is not an issue of our Backend System API, it has its origin in the respective TLD registries.

There's also no bulk deletion feature for the domain pricing section which could be helpful to cleanup before switching the environment. So, finally having something in the tld & pricing that allows monitoring things at least, would be really great.

Hi Kai,
Thanks for your suggestion. Knowing more about the frequency of needing to perform a task can help us decide on priority.
The discontinuation of TLDs is quite a rare occurrence in my recollection. How often do you have the need to remove a TLD from sale?