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Quotes Improvement

1) For some reason there is QTY column for quotes that's not present on invoices. I would like to have quotes with no QTY field and no unit price fields, just like invoices.
It does not make any sense that the quote, which is basically a pre-invoice, has 3 more (somewhat useless) fields than the actual invoice.

2) I would also like to automatically hide the discount column is there are no discounts. If not possible then completely remove the discount column.
If i leave the discount field blank the column for discout still shows on the quote with 0% discount which of course does not help for sales at all. I am trying to sell services and whmcs quotes are playing against me.

It seems the quote module is abandoned, with no improvements in ages, resulting in apparently incoherences between quotes and invoices.

Thanks and regards.

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