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Default Sort & Deleting Times & quick start time option

I love the new 2.0, it's great, but there are a couple of features that I preferred in the original. It would be great if these could come back:

1. Be able to choose the default view on the project home screen. at the moment it's defaulting to all the old completed tasks, I'd like to see my current incomplete straight up when I open the project screen.

2. We used to be able to delete a time entry if it was started by mistake. Now I can't delete any time entries

3. I like the idea of the quick start timer, BUT it's actually more work, because I have to create the task, click quick start and then when I stop the timer remember to go over to time tracking and assign it to a task. Before it was just a really quick click of a button next to the task name.

Hope these are considered as I feel like something that was designed to speed things up have actually slowed them down a little.

all in all though, love the new features.


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Is anybody listening!? It's been over a year.

While some some changes were good, some very basic functionality was completely screwed up in really maddening ways. We need to be able to quick select the tasks when starting the timer. Going back and manually changing the task on every entry is a nightmare.
Just as bad is the missing "invoice unbilled time entries." Really?! I have to go manually select sometimes hundreds of time entries just to create an invoice? What if my eyes glaze over at the incomprehensible tedium and I miss some?
At the very least could you add a "Select All" option?
Please address these issues. This is nuts.
PLEASE make these suggested changes!!!!!!
Another really bad thing now missing which was available in Version 1 is the button to simply will all until then not being billed tasks. Now we have to click often 100 and more times to get all this done - complete nonsense and very very time consuming an error prone. There is not even a way to mark all not billed items at once or at least another way to mark hundreds of tasks in one step to be billed.

If you have a project where multiple developers work on and each one now needs admin access to enter their tasks and time entries which is a security issue I would say because no note field is anymore available for each single time entry.
And if you now want to bill all those entries it takes a whole lot of time clicking around while in Version 1 it was a simple click and all entries got presented to be corrected and then they got billed. Much much faster then in Version 2!
It is not possible to assign even a user after the time-entry had been done. Instead it displays constantly "none".
1. It must be possible to delete entries
2. It must be possible to correct entries
3. It must be possible to add a note to each time entry as other wise our customers have no idea what for they actually got billed and it is absolute not practicable and costs a huge amount of time to create for each single time entry a separate task. I don't know who has designed that Version 2 but for sure it was somebody who has never done project management with an online tool. The workflow is actually very simple
The Tasks (in Version 2 could be used as GROUP Headers of tasks - General Groups like - Development, Design, Skype, etc.)
But then the next step is to enter a time entry
1. fill in start time and end time need to adjust to it (it is doing that since last update fortunately - took a long time to fix that)
2. assign a person - if you forget that it must be possible to add that person later also it must be possible to add "multiple" persons to one task as many companies calculate in man/hours and not in project hours. 2 people assigned means that time needs to be billed doubled! or even more depending on the people assigned
3. Adding a Note to the task like a log file. This means actually each person must be able to add a note to what he was doing, best would even be if a timestamp gets added if needed. This should be able to add or not add as sometimes you do the entries later and then an automatic timestamp won't work!
4. All above needs to be editable as often times, people or also task descriptions and notes need to be adjusted before billing. In our case the entries even would be able to be translated! Not possible right now
A) Time entries must be in 24:00 format and not with am and pm which creates a complete mess.
B) A drop down is total crab like mentioned already above
C) the fact that you always need to reload the complete page before your tasks appear in the time entries download shows that the programmer who made that part did not know how to do it correctly so that it automatically updates. Please crrect that that entries appear without the necessary reload after you have added a new task
D) The Task can only be a group of Tasks as otherwise you will get crazy in switching forth and back between time entry and tasks
E) Everything needs to be able to be translated into different languages - especially the Tasks!
F) After making a time entry the SUM mentioned above needs to be updated automatically without the need to relaod the page all the time to see how many hours have already been entered.
Totally agree. I get the feeling that this was designed by someone who doesn't actually use the system...

1. Having the search options take up all the above the fold space is silly. I need quick access to my incomplete projects. Scrolling every single time I open the pages is a bad UX design.

2. I NEED to be able to delete timer entries.

3. Also, as others mentioned, it is way too much for to associate time tracked with a project. A drop down interface is a very bad idea, because some of our projects have dozens of tasks. Having to scroll through all of them is a nightmare.

Not actually happy with the new design, but I am thrilled that it is getting some attention finally! I have a feeling 2.1 is going to be great!
Agree with all, especially #3. Please add the start/stop timer button back to each task. The new way requires a LOT more clicks.
Agreed! When I create a new task then go to time management to assign to it, it doesn't show up for several minutes.
It is a must to see in first view all INCOMPLETE Projects and not ALL projects i.e. from the last 10 years etc.
There must be a way to define the starting default view and it would be great if the filter would work with Ajax reload. Better then waiting for the next page reload!
Agreed on all points. 2.0 is a big improvment but some of the time saving features that were present are now missing.
Yup, agreed! Loving the new interface, but that first issue is a big annoyance for us... why would we want to select Incomplete and click the Search button every time we go to the projects dashboard?