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Product Upgrades from Admin/Client side to be billed on next invoice


We think that there should be a way to upgrade services, but have the charges add to the monthly bill that the customer gets rather than generate an invoice for every single upgrade order. We manage a lot of our customers licenses from the Administrator view, so feel it when we're upgrading multiple users services at once.
We've got a few clients we manage Office365 licenses for, some have 20 users.
If I want to add an upgrade to this service, e.g. Add in Office365 Backup - for each user.
It will generate 20 individual invoices, up to the next anniversary date for the product itself.

Other than being a whole lot of SPAM emails, for both us & the customer, it's a paperwork nightmare for the customer.

We also find issues when the upgrade invoice is not paid before the next real invoice that it can throw the system out of alignment & revert the product to how it was pre-upgrade?

Once we hit accept order it should then lock in that product as the one to be billed going forwards and it should bunch all(one to unlimited) the orders into one.

Hopefully others will find a similar use for this.

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