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Product Images + MailChimp Integration

  • SwiftModders, LLC shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Order Forms

I would love to see a new field for each product called "Product Image". While most people use WHMCS for hosting services, there are quite a few of us that use it to showcase our digital products. I would love a spot to showcase an image and have that enhance the sell value of the product.

In addition, since MailChimp is now integrated, it would be awesome to have this pulled over into MailChimp so that when we send abandoned cart emails it can show a picture of the product.


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This would be great, as for now, all the images are empty and mailchimp templates look broken.
I found this post for the exact reason of searching for a solution when pulling products across from WHMCS into MailChmp and showing no product image.