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Privacy Protection Services

  • Debbi Rigdon shared this idea 8 years ago
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Now that ICANN has mandated Registrars are obligated to offer Privacy Protection Services, my Registrar's UI offers the option to renew/purchase PPS when going directly via US2/UK2, however, the API from WHMCS does not follow that proper chain of events, so if I pay an invoice for a Domain renewal and it send the payment to the Registrar, it automatically ADDS the PPS service and fee.


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Hi Debbi,

Thanks for that information. I can confirm that the LogicBoxes modules (ResellerClub/Stargate/NetEarthOne) will only send a PPS order command if the "ID Protection" checkbox is ticked under the client's Domains tab in the admin area.

Ticking the option will increase the client's Recurring Amount by the price you have specified for the ID Protection service on the Domain Pricing page, so would increase the amount charged to the customer too.

A while back, ID Protection used to be free with ResellerClub, so if that is why it used to be free in your installation, it would be necessary to use the Bulk Pricing Update Tool to increase the Recurring Amount for existing domains with the ID Protection addon.
Hi John,

I was using the Stargate/UK2 registrar module. I had to deactivate it because it cost me a few hundred dollars in non-refundable charges.
Hi Debbi,

Thanks for taking the time to submit your feedback. To help me understand the matter in more detail, which domain registrar module are you using please?