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Plesk Temporary Domain Option

  • Yousif Ahmed shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Integrations

Add an Option to WHMCS Product for Plesk Module to be able to select "Give me a Temporary Domain" if a customer does not have a domain name, they will be given a temporary plesk domain name. This can be done from the Plesk panel but currently it is not possible from WHMCS.


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This would be an awesome feature. We had many tries with the subdomain option but without automation between Plesk and the DNS provider it only works manually. It would better to have this feature just between WHMCS and Plesk. The use of Plesk temporary domain feature would be much easier than something else.
The ability to have WHMCS provision the PLESK Temporary Domain Name when provisioning/creating a subscription is EXTREMELY important for automation. That is why I have WHMCS.
right, where does it say that I need to have a domain to start building my website? it also allows you to speed up the purchase