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Please add an option to a search / filter by admin ID in the GetAdminUsers API call

I would like to suggest the addition of a search option by admin ID in the GetAdminUsers API call.

Currently, there is no way to retrieve specific admin information using the API. When using the GetAdminUsers API call, all admins are returned, and filtering is only possible by role ID or email. However, there is no provision to search by admin ID.

For example, when using the GetTickets API call, the response includes the admin ID (referred to as "flag" instead of admin ID) assigned to a ticket. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve the details of this specific admin using the API. The only solution currently is to retrieve the entire list of admins using the GetAdminUsers API call and search for the relevant ID to obtain the details.

This process is cumbersome and inefficient. Therefore, I would like to request the ability to use the admin ID (flag) as a search parameter or filter in the GetAdminUsers API call, similar to how role ID or email can be used.

This enhancement would greatly improve the efficiency and usability of the API for retrieving specific admin information.


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