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Pin note in support ticket to the top of the ticket

  • Haavard D. shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Support
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It is now possible to add a note to the ticket that will be within the ticket replies.

We would like to see the option to pin one or more notes to the top of the ticket.
We use notes to collect times for later billing. It would be more easy to read the relevant notes and not scroll the hole ticket for them.


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Hi Haavard,
Thanks for taking the time to submit this idea.

At present Sticky Client Account notes will be displayed at the top of a client's tickets. Perhaps that would meet your needs in the meantime:
Hello John,

That function will not work in the same way. The reason we suggest to be able to pin a _ticket note_ to the top in one ticket, is to be able to write notes that will be important after finishing the job on the ticket. We normally use this for information that we have to store/keep record of in other systems, or to bill time used for the ticket when the job is consulting based on hours.