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Pending account

  • Mark C shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Order Forms

When the client places an order, the account should not automatically be created. We should have a manual process to accept order before the account is created.


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No, it is not already possible.

Ubersmith has a function where by, when a new order/client is registered it need manual approval before the account is created.

Can you not have such a feature where by the client is not able to access the clientarea just yet, until their order has been approved. This way it will allow us to verify each account and minimize fraudulent activity.
Hi Mark,
A client record must be created as soon as the order is placed to record the details provided by the visitor on the order form. This allows you to process the payment, order and contact the customer if needed.
Provisioning of services can certainly be set to Pending until the order is manually approved on a per-product basis: