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PayPal option to remove shipping address: shipping_preference to NO_SHIPPING

  • Saman Janparvar shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Integrations

the new PayPal system on v7.9 requires shipping address when paying invoices. That option should be removed


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Hey John,

It's primarily convenience for clients. 100% of the services I provide are digital. There is absolutely no need for "shipping address" during checkout.

As you can see, [in figure 1], when you click on Pay with "Debit or Credit Card" for a non-recurring invoice, it asks you to put in shipping address [Fig 2]

Additionally, when you go through this process for recurring invoices, the payment option is opened in pop up [Fig_3], it doesn't ask for shipping address (which is good) but the billing address is not parsed and automatically filled.

I appreciate your time.
Hi Saman,
Thanks for providing that information; it's most helpful.
Hi Saman,
Thanks for your suggestion.
What would be the benefit to your use-case of this change?