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Option to select if a client is a INDIVIDUAL or COMPANY and enter Company Code by default

I think there should be an option for clients to choose if they are a person or a company. Why? Because in most countries the billing is different for individuals and companies, For example, companies can be a VAT payer, which would exempt from paying VAT if VAT code is entered. An individual would not have that option. This would give many more options and control for admins to set WHMCS the way they want and need.

How this would work?
The additional fields for clients account should be created. So if a new client orders a service and fills out "Personal information" form, there should be a "Company number" field right next to "Company Name" field, because companies in most cases have numbers and it is needed for invoices (why isn't this option there in a first place?).
That would be one way of doing this. Other would be a selection of "Individual" ir "Company" before filling that form. And the form itself would depent on a selection. Company form would include the "Company Code" field as mentioned above, and also would include Company VAt number" (if needed), and the name of it would not be "Personal Information", but "Company Information". The individual client form would be the same as it is now.

I believe this clear distinction of clients would make it easier to process billing, invoicing and other things, and entry for Company number is a must anyway, so there should be no need to implement WHMCS customisations manually (like custom client fields, and APIs), as it is complicated, time consuming and additional fields are not next to other fields (like company nmber should be next to company name, not somewhere below under Additional fields..) - these options should be there by default.

Thank You.

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